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Updated: Apr 19, 2019

RASA Academy is a new provider of training in cosmetic injectables based in Guildford. The academy was founded by a team of practitioners, including myself. Based on our previous experiences we all felt that there was a need for a training provider with a slightly different approach to meet this evolving industry. Pursuing a career in aesthetics is a journey. Everyone’s journey is different; as is their situation. In an industry bringing together clinicians from different professions, with different goals, there is not one set pathway for every practitioner. A general medical practitioner who wishes to incorporate cosmetic injectables into their practice will have a different pathway to a nurse who wishes a career change into aesthetics who in turn will have different path to a dentist who may already have some experience in injectables but wishes to increase their skill set and grow their business.

With so many different possible starting points the philosophy behind the RASA Academy is to really understand your background and what you want to achieve and then provide a journey in aesthetics tailored to your goals whilst providing you with the highest levels of clinical training in a focused environment. To see how we accomplish this please see the “Your Journey” page on our website.

To find out more about us or our courses please contact us here.

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