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LEVEL 7 Certificate

  • What is different about the courses at the RASA Academy compared to other courses?
    Our focus is in providing a program with a personal touch. When booking a course you will be assigned a mentor who will contact you before the course day to help tailor the course towards your needs, make sure you understand all the pre-course educational material and answer any questions you may have. We also provide the smallest ratio of students to tutors (3:1), with a heavy focus on clinical hands on treatment on your course days. 80% of this day will be with live patients. Everyone’s position and goals in aesthetic practice is different: * Some students want to become full time practitioners, others part time * Some want to work in established aesthetic clinics, others would like to start their own business or introduce it as a new service * Etc. So after the course you will be contacted and be given in depth bespoke business/career guidance specific to your own situation. You will also be provided case guidance for your first few Dermal Filler and Botulinum Toxin case that you do after te course and then subsequent support and access to our resources (Consent forms, patient assessment forms, pre- and post op advice leaflets etc.) and educational material.
  • If 80% of the day is clinical, how do I learn all of the theory?"
    Much of the theory is covered in the e-learning platform. The access to this provided after you sign up for the course. This means when you arrive for clinical course day we can spend the maximum time treating live patients so that by the end of the course you are competent to provide treatments on your own.
  • When will I be able to provide treatments to my own patients?
    You can start treatment as soon as you have finished any of the courses and you have acquired the correct insurance/indemnity (which we will guide you for).
  • What does the Level 7 course involve?
    Please click here to find out more
  • Why would I consider Level 7 training?
    With the landscape of Facial Aesthetic industry changing, the shift is now gearing towards the need to having a postgraduate diploma level recognition of your competency in providing Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Filler. Although this is not currently a legal necessity, there are strong possibilities that this may be the case in the future. Our Level 7 training will provide more than the required amount of training to achieve this. This training also increases your favorability amongst aesthetic clinics looking to employ.
  • How does the Foundation Course relate to the Level 7 course?
    Our courses have been designed extremely carefully. The modules from the Foundation courses are a requirement for the Level 7 course. This means that if you had completed the Foundation courses in the past, it can be used towards your Level 7 course and the cost you paid will be deducted.
  • What happens if I have done a Foundation course elsewhere - will I still need to do your Foundation Course to do the Level 7 qualification?
    It is unlikely but we will need to see evidence that you have completed a Foundation course
  • For the Level 7 course can I be recognized for prior learning?
    If you have completed Foundation courses elsewhere, we will verify this and advise you the modules you will need to undertake to complete our Level 7 course. This will also mean a reduction in price for you to complete our Level 7 course.

The Level 7 Certificate is the gold standard training recommended if you wish to pursue a career involving the provision of cosmetic injectables. During the process of the programme you will acquire a sound theoretical knowledge, clinically observe and treat 40 or more procedures under very close supervision (when treating 1:1) and be assessed to ensure you are clinically competent.  This will put you in great stead for your future careers and opportunities.


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The first step is to attend the Foundation Course.  Here you will be given an introduction to the Aesthetics and treat live patients.  If this is your first experience in Aesthetics it will help you decide whether you would like to persue a career involving Aesthetics and continue to the next stages of the LEVEL 7 training.



The next stage is knowledge acquisition.  You will have access to over 200 hours of high level teaching material on our virtual learning environment.  This will help you acquire the academic foundation to become an excellent clinician.  You can access this from anywhere; making your learning experience extremely flexible.  These will be supplemented with e-seminars with our tutors to help cement key points and answer any questions you may have.



You will get a huge amount of clinical experience to make sure that you are confident and highly competent practitioners by the end of the training.  This includes: 

 - Observing 20 or more cases of Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers being administered

- Administering Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers for 20 or more cases whilst being mentored on a 1:1 basis



During your training you will have some SAQs to complete to make sure you understand some key concepts.  Once your training is complete there will be an OSCE to ensure you are competent in some essential practical aspects of when providing cosmetic injectables.



During and after the training we want to make sure gain the most of being qualified to Level 7.  Having this sets you apart from other clinicians and so we will ensure that you have a number of job opportunities on complete of our training to make sure your career gets off to a great start.  For those of you who are already established we will provide a bespoke structural approach on how to grow your current practice further.

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