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A new publication from Dr. Jalpesh Patel in this months edition of British Dental Journal

There was a new publication by Dr. Jalpesh Patel (founder of RASA Academy) in this months edition of the British Dental Journal systematically reviewing the use of botulinum toxin in the management of patients with TMD and bruxism.

Botulinum Toxin is used by many practitioners in the management of bruxism and TMD and there was certainly evidence that pointed towards it having a beneficial effect in respect to maximal occlusal forces and pain respectively but more detailed primary research is required.  These conditions have shown to respond positively to conservative management strategies such as self management with explanation and physical therapies.  Splint therapy can also provide some improvement and provide protection for teeth.  As a result Botulinum Toxin should be used for these conditions if all of these options have been exhausted 1st and there is no improvement, or in conjunction with these options if patient has a cosmetic concern that can sometimes be associated (e.g. hypertrophic masseters in patients that brux).

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