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Updated: Apr 20, 2019

We want our delegates to get the most out of our Foundation course as possible and so it has been designed very carefully to ensure that students get the maximum exposure to clinical hands on training as well as getting a well structured academic grounding. Our Foundation course covers both Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers.

To achieve this, prior to the clinical day the knowledge-based information will be provided via our e-learning platform. The mentors will also contact you, via an e-seminar to get an understanding of your background and what you would like to achieve from a career/business point of view. They will also discuss some key academic points and go through any questions you may have at that stage.

This means at the clinical day the emphasis will be on learning through clinical hands on training with a number of live models visiting throughout the days. This will constitute 80% of the day. The trainers are highly experienced and groups will never exceed a 3 student to 1 trainer ratio meaning that your day will be highly focused on you as an individual and tailored to your personal needs.

After the course you will be contacted by an experienced clinician from Total Aesthetics to answer any further questions and also provide career and business related guidance. You will also be invited our social media based community for additional support.

On completion of the Foundation day you will be able to carry out procedures independently (as long as you are a prescriber).

The regulatory changes that are occurring would prefer Level 7 type training to ensure a certain level of competence has been reached; although currently this is not mandatory. Our Foundation course has been designed so that can be used as a stepping stone into our Level 7 training by covering some of the aspects that are essential to completing Level 7 training.

If you would like to know the availability of up and coming Foundation courses click here.

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