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What to expect from our Foundation Course in Facial Aesthetics - details from our most recent course

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

  • 2:1 student to trainer ratio

  • Comprehensive educational material provided prior to course

  • 1 hour live E-tutorial prior to the course

  • 7 patients assessed and treated

  • Almost 200 Botox and Dermal Filler injections carried out in total

  • Needle (aspirating technique and cannula technique taught)

  • 9 hours of CPD

If you are someone who would like to start providing cosmetic injectables or feel you still need some more experience this post is for you! We go through the events leading up to and on the clinical Foundation day for the session that we ran on Saturday 29th June - it will give you an idea of what to expect if you have training with us!

After the delegates had signed up for the Foundation day at RASA Academy an E-tutorial was arranged. Having an E-tutorial arranged prior to the course day is fantastic because it allows the students to meet the trainer and although this is virtual and not in person, it still helps break the proverbial ice!

The beginning of this tutorial was actually finding out more about the delegates. In this particular instance we had two dentists, who were looking to increase their scope of practice and introduce facial aesthetic services into their respective dental surgeries. Knowing this information is really important because it helps tailor the course to their needs; in particular from the business aspects. A doctor or nurse practitioner who wishes to start their own clinic will have completely different business requirements than these two dentists and so by knowing a bit of background we can tailor the advice.

After this initial discussion, we then screen shared so that I could deliver the pre-course tutorial. This content is made available for your viewing as soon as you sign up and so if you particularly keen you can go through the education material prior to the E-tutorial! The tutorial can take about an hour but can take more if you have a lot of questions like the two dentists we had but this was absolutely great! We are all about teaching and you getting the most out of the course - so if you don’t understand something we want to try and iron it out straight away.

This E-tutorial is really important because there is a lot of useful information, which we want you to have time to digest. That means on the day that you come to the clinic for the hands-on session we are not bombarding you with lots of new information and also taking away valuable time from when you can be learning from observing and providing assessments/treatment to actual patients. We are a strong believer in learning by doing!

We had an action packed day planned for our two delegates at our clinic in Guildford. The day started by recapping the course content and discussing what to expect in the day ahead. The first patient arrived at 10am, who we assessed together and formulated a plan (in this particular case the patient opted to have treatment with Botulinum Toxin). The students went through the detailed consent process, took the relevant pictures, disinfected, face mapped (this is when we use a marking pencil to map out where the Botulinum Toxin was going to placed (see below)) and then observed as I carried out the treatment paying close attention to technique, angulation and dosages. We then provided the post-operative instructions.

After the patient left we had a reflective learning process. There were 6 more patients booked in and for every subsequent patient that required Botulinum Toxin, the students assessed, treatment planned and carried out treatment under my direct supervision. There were a few patients who opted to have treatments with dermal fillers and similarly the students observed and then treated.

After every case, we would step back, critique, reflect, ask questions and learn. By the end of the day we had seen 7 patients, treated foreheads, frown lines, crows feet with Botulinum Toxin, treated the lips, peri-oral lines, naso-labial folds and marionette lines with dermal fillers using both needles (with aspiration technique) and cannulas also. In all a total of almost 200 injection points placed by the students. Needless to say this was an intense day – but lots was learnt!

After the course was over, the delegates were sent their CPD certificate and an information pack including information about various suppliers, how to prescribe/order products, contact information for local reps, how to advertise and price your services as well as how to grow a successful business.

They also received downloadable customizable templates for consent forms, record keeping and pre- and post operative information for patients.

So overall a "fantastic course, lots of hands on experience pretty much the entire day. Now feel much more comfortable getting started in my own practice. Great teaching style - highly recommended" (review from a delegate for this course)

Hope this gives you all a good indication of what to expect from a Foundation day training with us and if you have any more questions please feel free to contact us at

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