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Why consider getting involved in facial aesthetics?

Updated: May 13, 2019

The non-surgical facial aesthetic market is massive and as the number of people seeking these forms of treatments continues to grow, there is a need for more competent clinicians to meet this market demand.

Being involved in this industry has many benefits for those working as health care professionals:

1) It can provide variety to your week – for those working in an environment where things can get fairly repetitive and routine, providing facial aesthetic treatments will bring a refreshing change to your week.

2) Potential to be extremely lucrative financially and as treatments are not permanent, patients will come for routine repeat treatments leading to good growth potential.

3) It can be very fulfilling when treating patients who have realistic aesthetic concerns.

The industry is largely unregulated but there has been a big push for regulation in recent times. Despite this virtually anyone can provide these treatments; however, with public awareness regarding safety improving more patients are looking towards healthcare professionals for treatment.

At RASA Academy we are dedicated to providing the best educational experience possible and appreciate that although academic and clinical knowledge is the corner stone to being a successful clinician, the commercial nature of this industry also requires an astute approach. For this reason all of our courses combine all of these facets to make sure our delegates get the most out of their training with us.

For those who have had no experience in the industry it is important to get a “feeler” before committing to longer and more expensive courses just to make sure facial aesthetics is something you definitely want to pursue. For this reason we have designed our Foundation Course to act as this “feeler”. This course will introduce you to the world of aesthetics by spending almost the whole clinical day assessing and treating live patients. We have small teaching ratios so that you will receive a lot of attention and the time with us will be highly focused. Prior to the course day students receive detailed pre-course educational material, which we reinforce prior to the clinical day via an e-seminar.

We understand that delegates come from various different backgrounds and have different objectives (e.g. some would prefer that Aesthetics supplement their existing job role and other late would prefer to transition fully into a career in aesthetics). For this reason we will provide post course assistance with an industry expert on how to drive your career in the direction that you would like.

We hope this gives you a small insight into why it may be worth getting involved in the world of aesthetics. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to e-mail us at

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