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The College of General Dentistry - who are they and their Trusted Providers?

The College of General Dentistry has come to light during recent times as a big contributor, along with the FGDP(UK), in producing the guidance documents regarding the return to practice following the pandemic lockdown. This article will outline a bit more about who the College of General Dentistry are, their visions and the qualifications that they offer via their Trusted Providers; one of which is RASA Academy.

The FGDP have been incredibly impactful in setting standards within the dental industry and a highly reputably Faculty. The College of General Dentistry are now building on these foundations that the FGDP have developed over a number of decades with the aims of:

  • Committing to patients’ interests

  • Authoritative thought leadership in holistic healthcare

  • Defining career pathways and cultivating a passion for learning

  • Nurturing excellence in practice, with integrity

  • Team-oriented and inclusive

  • Commercially aware; a trustworthy player in the market

  • Building on the goodwill in the profession for such an initiative

With key institutions and agencies supporting the College, they are pursuing a Royal Charter to make them a Royal College, which would be a monumental step for our profession.

Trusted Provider Status

RASA Academy are the first, and currently the only, Trusted Provider for the College of General Dentistry to deliver the Postgraduate Certificate in Non-Surgical Facial Aesthetics.


“Trusted Provider status gives you confidence that the organisation with which you are training is committed to the high standards set by the College, and is quality assured by the College.

You can be assured that your qualification will carry the authority of the College of General Dentistry, which administers the examination process for your award”.


Over the last 12-18 months RASA Academy and the College of General Dentistry have spent a great deal of time developing the first College-backed Postgraduate Certificate (Level 7) in Non-Surgical Facial Aesthetics. It has resulted in a well-rounded programme designed to transition your career into facial aesthetics. It is aligned to frameworks which are considered to be the “gold-standard” in this industry and ensuring students that qualify are deemed competent by passing both academic and clinical assessments. This concept of competency is hugely important because the majority of courses in non-surgical facial aesthetics will not certify that you have demonstrated competency and so the onus is on you as an individual to show that you are.

Having successfully completed our programme, which consists of academic knowledge based components (via face to face and e-learning), clinical components (observation and treatment of 40 or more cases) and assessments (both academic and clinical), the College of General Dentistry will certify your competency in relevant aspects of Non-Surgical Facial Aesthetics.

Aside from the vast amount of clinical exposure you will have, which will invariably help kickstart your career in this field, the “rubber stamp” from the College of General Dentistry is likely to have future proofing effect as regulatory changes from the educational requirement standpoint are moving towards this type of programme.

We hope this helps clarify some things about the College of General Dentistry and RASA Academy as a Trusted Provider but if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

To find out more about the programme or register your interest please click here.


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